The paintwork that is applied to the truck cab has several important functions. First of all, it gives the vehicle an aesthetic and attractive appearance. In addition, high-quality paint protects body parts from the formation of corrosion, which can destroy the metal and completely damage the steel structure in just a few months. And if the cab is not regularly repainted, over time this can lead to additional cash costs for body repair.Timely painting of the cab, ordered from the Motion Technology company, is the best way to avoid such troubles. For further details, go here: how much does it cost to paint a truck


This procedure is quite complicated and is performed in several stages.

· Elimination of foci of corrosion. The car cabin can be painted only after the working surface is completely cleaned of corrosion centers. Otherwise, the work will be done in vain. And after a while the car will have to be repainted again. To eliminate corrosion, as a rule,either mechanical tools (metal brushes) or chemical rust control agents are used.

· Surface grinding and degreasing. Before applying paintwork to the car body, it is necessary to carefully sand the surface and eliminate minor defects (chips, small dents, deep scratches). Then metal structures are degreased. All this is necessary so that the primer, which is an intermediate layer between the cab surface and the paint, does not crumble and is firmly in contact with the metal.

· Primer application. The primer is applied to the car body in one or two layers. It creates a perfectly smooth surface and removes any remaining defects that could not be removed during sanding.

· Application of paint and varnish coating. Direct painting of the cab is carried out only after the primer is completely dry. Asa rule, the drying process lasts only 2-3 hours, and when using a car hairdryer - no more than 1 hour. In most cases, the paint is applied in several layers - this allows you to increase its aesthetic and protective characteristics.

It is possible to operate a car that has undergone painting only after the paintwork material is completely dry (after 1-2 days).


Hundreds of private freight carriers and owners of transport organizations have already used the services of the Movement Technology company and were convinced of the high quality of service. Most of them continue to contact us to this day. Let's define why they choose us:

· We know our business. Our specialists are well versed in modern technologies for painting car bodies and can do their job without the slightest mistakes. And you can count on the truck to look like new.

· We do not increase prices. You pay only for the end result, not for the time spent by our masters. Regardless of how long the procedure for painting a damaged cabin will take, the final cost of the service will not change.

· We use modern equipment and materials. The impeccable quality of painting is achieved due to the fact that our employees use modern imported equipment - spray guns, orbital sanders, car hair dryers,etc. This provides a much better result than using cheap tools and improvised means.

Truck owners who are well versed in paint technology and have the appropriate cab equipment can handle this procedure without assistance. But if you have neither the experience, nor the equipment, nor the desire to do such work with your own hands, contact the Motion Technology company. We are waiting for you today!